Elis Czerniak started composing in his late teens, during his piano and guitar studies and then went on to play percussion, cello and clarinet. He studied composition with an eclectic range of teachers including Donnacha Dennehy, Sean Reed and Jonathan Cole, undertaking degrees at Trinity College, Dublin and the Royal College of Music, London. He obtained his PhD back at Trinity College in 2016 under the guidance of Evangelina Rigaki.

Elis seeks to create music that is both void of structure and procedure. His music is that of a world created by the exploration of sound itself. He believes nothing is more important than the instrument and the range of timbres that can be obtained from it. His scores employ graphic notations, which abolish form and give the performer freedom to make their own choices. The use of unusual instrumental, organic and electronic sounds make up the diverse palette in which he draws his material from.

The thoughts and ideas of composers such as Morton Feldman, Luigi Nono and Horatiu Radulescu play a big role in his work as a composer. Elis holds a degree in music from Trinity College Dublin, a masters in music from the Royal College of Music in London and is currently back at Trinity obtaining a the Home Hewson scholarship to finish his PhD under Evangelia Rigaki. He has had his pieces played throughout Ireland and the UK by a variety of performers including RCM Symphony Orchestra, Co-Orch Orchestra, Hermes Experiment, Crash Ensemble, Tonnta Vocal Ensemble and RTÉ Con Tempo Quartet.

He also has been performing on the international circuit, touring with his bands ‘Alarmist’ and ‘Halves’, who’s debut album ‘It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever)’ was nominated for the Choice Music Prize 2010 for best album of the year.