Elis Czerniak

Elis Czerniak work researches the abolition of structure and procedure in music, putting the emphasis on the exploration of imperfections within sound itself. His music has been performed throughout Ireland and the UK by various ensembles and soloists including Crash Ensemble, RCM Symphony Orchestra, ConTempo Quartet, Kirkos Ensemble and the Hermes Experiment.


One of Ireland’s most intriguing acts, Halves is Brian Cash, Elis Czerniak & Tim Czerniak. The trio blend a vast range of instruments, acoustic and electronic, to create an evocative, cinematic live experience. Their five releases to date have met with universal critical success, as well as earning them ardent fans from Tokyo to Seattle. Their live show is truly captivating; a mix of synched visuals, strings, brass, and electronics, anchored by soaring guitars and dual drummers.


While inevitably compared to many acts on Ireland’s healthy post/math-rock scene, Alarmist gained attention for their audibly wide range of influences. Within their configuration of electric guitars, double drums and electronics, instrumental guitar music is only one touchstone, with the various members’ backgrounds in jazz, electronica and contemporary composition infiltrating their tightly wound tracks.